HCB Celebration of Life Marilyn Bowlby

Hello all. Firstly, sorry for the delay in this email as it took some time to find a date that worked and to narrow down what we are going to do on the day we celebrate my mothers life.¬† Such an odd comment still, but it is what we are doing. Just too soon ūüôĀ
July 7th, 2024 will be the day, at 2pm at the Church Grove Cemetery in Melvern Square Church Grove Cemetery РGoogle Maps <www.google.ca/maps/place/Church+Grove+Cemetery/@44.9944382,-64.9907196,15.75z/data=!4m6!3m5!1s0x4b586bb8616468dd:0xb73d68878bd82b84!8m2!3d44.9937579!4d-64.9900119!16s%2Fg%2F11h5vcydjr?entry=ttu>
The service will be simple, as Mom would have wanted it.  The Minister will open with his comments and we would like to follow that with anyone else who would want to say something about her.  As this is a celebration it would be nice to hear how Mom has touched your lives in a positive way.  We are not planning on doing any bible related readings, although if someone has one they wanted to add in their comments feel free.  Her urn will be placed in her final resting place at that time.
After that, we are planning on heading back to Jeannine’s place as she has kindly offered to host a gathering for some refreshments.¬† Just so we can be prepared, could I hear back¬†from you to let us know if you will be attending Jeannine’s for refreshment or not so we can be prepared with the right quantities.Thanks!¬† I will reply with the address to those who reply. celebrationformarilyn@gmail.com
Mom’s headstone is already in place.¬† Let’s hope for some good weather and we will see you there.

HCB Message from Dave Staples

Hi all,
I want to thank all of you again for such a great concert on Tuesday night! Although it was a long program, I felt that every piece fit into a very nice sequence of musical energy and emotion and your performance throughout was, in many ways, the best I’ve ever heard from the band. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize all of the fine solo playing in the concert and to thank you all for such musical playing. It really is a pleasure to be in front of such a fine ensemble! Bravo!! Thank you and I hope to see you all at the potluck on Tuesday.

HCB Potluck Supper Tue June 11

Hi everyone The band potluck is next week!
Date Tuesday June 11 Time 615-9pm
Address 70 Grandhaven Blvd Grandhaven Blvd is off Washmill Lake Drive
It’s not one of the apartment buildings – it’s the clubhouse The entrance has 70 above the door
I’ve attached the sign-up sheet for food that was passed around last week so that those folks who were not in attendance and plan on coming can see any gaps!
There’s a street photo attached of the archway where you turn in to Grandhaven Blvd and a photo of the Clubhouse entrance. There’s plenty of parking – basically any spot outside the clubhouse or any of the apartment buildings
This venue does not supply any utensils so please bring any serving spoons etc with you!
Any questions or issues reach out! adale66@hotmail.co <mailto:adale66@hotmail.co>m

HCB Rehearsal Notes MONDAY June 24

Hi all,
Our dress rehearsal on Monday, June 3rd will be in the band room at the West starting at 6:30 pm and will run until 8:30. We will run various sections of our pieces in concert order and look at any areas that need work as time allows.
Here are the notes, along with an attached pdf of the MC script for those readers who have volunteered to MC at our Spring Finale concert on Tuesday.
1) Chorales-More Assorted 2) Warm-up-The Jeannie C from Fogarty’s Cove 3) A Walk in the Morning Sun 4) Cakewalk 5) Memento 6) Second Suite in F 7) Remembering A Friend 8a)¬†Chorale-Vorspiel 8b) Fugue in G Minor 9) Oblivion 10) Rescue 11) Red Covered Bridge 12) Suite from Fogarty‚Äôs Cove (1st Movement and The “Jeannie C”) 13) Landmark Overture
The concert on Tuesday, June 4th is on the stage of the Bella Rose Theatre (located next to the West band room) and will start at 7 pm. Any members who have volunteered to help set up the stage and move equipment are asked to be set to do that by 6 pm with all remaining members asked to arrive no later than 6:15. Dress for the concert is formal concert dress (or all black) and also, a reminder to bring a clip-on stand light  to help with reading if you so desire.
Thanks and see you on Monday for the dress rehearsal at 6:30 pm.

HCB Rehearsal Notes Tuesday May 28 plus recording Rescue

Hi all, Here are the rehearsal notes for Tuesday, May 28th. For this rehearsal, we will be running the complete order of the Spring Finale program and looking at any sections within those pieces as needed.
1) Chorales-More Assorted 2) Warm-up- Red Covered Bridge (m.79 to m.104) 3) A Walk in the Morning Sun 4) Cakewalk 5) Memento 6) Second Suite in F 7) Remembering A Friend 8a)¬†Chorale-Vorspiel 8b) Fugue in G Minor 9) Oblivion 10) Rescue 11) Red Covered Bridge 12) Suite from Fogarty‚Äôs Cove (1st Movement and The “Jeannie C”) 13) Landmark Overture
Also, attached is an mp3 audio file of Rescue by EKR Hammell for your reference.
Thanks and see you Tuesday. Dave

HCB Message from Mark Cuming

Hello everyone. I was planning to tell you this in person but I won’t be seeing you until after the season ends. I have a cancer situation going on in my bladder. Had surgery yesterday to remove a tumour that (unbeknownst to me) has been growing merrily away for a few years. Follow up treatment will involve chemo and/or radiation. I hope to be in recovery mode in September, so I’ll see you then. Meanwhile, for the next 2 weeks, I’ll be home with my catheter bags. If a miracle happens, I may get to your concert on June 4. Best Wishes for a great show! I am still pretty ill. Writing this from the VG, although I’ll be discharged today. Mark