HCB Rehearsal Notes Tuesday May 28 plus recording Rescue

Hi all, Here are the rehearsal notes for Tuesday, May 28th. For this rehearsal, we will be running the complete order of the Spring Finale program and looking at any sections within those pieces as needed.
1) Chorales-More Assorted 2) Warm-up- Red Covered Bridge (m.79 to m.104) 3) A Walk in the Morning Sun 4) Cakewalk 5) Memento 6) Second Suite in F 7) Remembering A Friend 8a) Chorale-Vorspiel 8b) Fugue in G Minor 9) Oblivion 10) Rescue 11) Red Covered Bridge 12) Suite from Fogarty’s Cove (1st Movement and The “Jeannie C”) 13) Landmark Overture
Also, attached is an mp3 audio file of Rescue by EKR Hammell for your reference.
Thanks and see you Tuesday. Dave

HCB Message from Mark Cuming

Hello everyone. I was planning to tell you this in person but I won’t be seeing you until after the season ends. I have a cancer situation going on in my bladder. Had surgery yesterday to remove a tumour that (unbeknownst to me) has been growing merrily away for a few years. Follow up treatment will involve chemo and/or radiation. I hope to be in recovery mode in September, so I’ll see you then. Meanwhile, for the next 2 weeks, I’ll be home with my catheter bags. If a miracle happens, I may get to your concert on June 4. Best Wishes for a great show! I am still pretty ill. Writing this from the VG, although I’ll be discharged today. Mark

HCB Rehearsal notes Tuesday May 21

Hi all,
Here are the rehearsal notes for Tuesday, May 21st.
1) Chorales-More Assorted 2) Warm-up Piece-Oblivion 3) Rescue 4) A Walk in the Morning Sun 5) Red Covered Bridge 6) Holst 2nd Suite (Complete) 7) Landmark Overture 8) Remembering a Friend 9) Fogarty’s Cove-1st Movement
Also, we will have three Halifax West band students, two alto sax players and one flute player, joining us for this rehearsal.
Thanks and see you Tuesday. Dave

HCB Rehearsal Notes Tuesday May 14

Hi all,
Because of a conflict with a scheduled concert at the Bella Rose, this coming Tuesday’s HCB rehearsal on May 14th will be held at the Sackville Community Centre from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. There are stands there and we are again able to use the Sackville Community Band’s percussion equipment for the rehearsal. Thanks to Debbie McGuire and Jim Forde for these arrangements.
Directions to the Sackville Community Centre are:
Take Exit 2 off Hwy 101 (highway to Windsor) onto Beaverbank Road. At the first set of lights, turn left on to Old Sackville Road. Turn right (at 2nd stop sign) onto Connolly Road In 300 meters, turn left. The Community Centre is at the top of the hill. It’s the 2nd building. The first building is Sackville Heights School.
Here are the rehearsal notes for Tuesday.
1) Chorales-Bride of Assorted 2) Momento 3) A Walk in the Morning Sun 4) Remembering a Friend 5) Landmark Overture 6) Oblivion 7) Red Covered Bridge 8) Rescue 9) Holst (1.Song without Words and 2. Song of the Blacksmith) 10) Fogarty’s Cove (1st Movement and Jeannie C)
Also, here is the Spring Finale program order for our June 4th Spring Finale concert
2024 Halifax Concert Band Spring Finale Concert June 4th, 2024
1) A Walk in the Morning Sun 2) Cakewalk 3) Memento 4) Second Suite in F Gustav Holst 5) Remembering A Friend 6a) Chorale-Vorspiel 6b) Fugue in G Minor 7) Oblivion 8) Rescue 9) Red Covered Bridge 10) Suite from Fogarty’s Cove (1st Movement and The “Jeannie C”) 11) Landmark Overture Thanks and see you on Tuesday in Sackville. Dave

HCB Rehearsal Notes Tuesday May 7

Hi all, Here are the rehearsal notes for Tuesday, May 7th.
1) Chorales-Son of Assorted 2) Warm-up Piece-Memento 3) Holst Suite (complete) 4) Oblivion 5) Rescue (new) 6) Fogarty’s Cove (complete) 7) A Walk in the Morning Sun 8) The Red Covered Bridge 9) Welsh Rhapsody (if time)
Thanks and see you on Tuesday. Dave

HCB Message from Dave Staples

Hi all,
With the news of John Underhill’s passing, I want to express my great appreciation and respect for the life that John led and, of course his skill, dedication and class that he brought to his music. Reading his obituary, I am struck by his many accomplishments and his unswerving dedication to his family.
I first met John when my own son was part of the Scouts and Cubs movement almost 20 years ago. He was, at that time, his son Jack’s pack leader for Cubs and I  could tell then that his “all in” approach to whatever he stepped up for was total and inspirational.
Although his untimely death has been expected, it comes as a very great loss to our Halifax Concert Band community as well as to all who knew and loved him. John served as our band president for many years and held that position with such dedication and class and we will all miss his impeccable leadership and style. Along with that, his musicianship and skill on the trumpet was such a gift for us all and he was excellent at that.
I also want to say just how impressed I was with your performance on Tuesday night at Kiwanis. Congratulations to you all and especially to Mark Cuming for his beautiful and skillful Chorale and Fugue. Thank you all!
As Becky has pointed out to me and I felt it profoundly on Wednesday, John just waited around long enough to see if we were going to get another Gold Standard. This one’s for you, John.
I will see you on Tuesday. Dave