HCB Celebration of Life Marilyn Bowlby

Hello all. Firstly, sorry for the delay in this email as it took some time to find a date that worked and to narrow down what we are going to do on the day we celebrate my mothers life.¬† Such an odd comment still, but it is what we are doing. Just too soon ūüôĀ
July 7th, 2024 will be the day, at 2pm at the Church Grove Cemetery in Melvern Square Church Grove Cemetery РGoogle Maps <www.google.ca/maps/place/Church+Grove+Cemetery/@44.9944382,-64.9907196,15.75z/data=!4m6!3m5!1s0x4b586bb8616468dd:0xb73d68878bd82b84!8m2!3d44.9937579!4d-64.9900119!16s%2Fg%2F11h5vcydjr?entry=ttu>
The service will be simple, as Mom would have wanted it.  The Minister will open with his comments and we would like to follow that with anyone else who would want to say something about her.  As this is a celebration it would be nice to hear how Mom has touched your lives in a positive way.  We are not planning on doing any bible related readings, although if someone has one they wanted to add in their comments feel free.  Her urn will be placed in her final resting place at that time.
After that, we are planning on heading back to Jeannine’s place as she has kindly offered to host a gathering for some refreshments.¬† Just so we can be prepared, could I hear back¬†from you to let us know if you will be attending Jeannine’s for refreshment or not so we can be prepared with the right quantities.Thanks!¬† I will reply with the address to those who reply. celebrationformarilyn@gmail.com
Mom’s headstone is already in place.¬† Let’s hope for some good weather and we will see you there.