HCB Potluck Supper Tue June 11

Hi everyone The band potluck is next week!
Date Tuesday June 11 Time 615-9pm
Address 70 Grandhaven Blvd Grandhaven Blvd is off Washmill Lake Drive
It’s not one of the apartment buildings – it’s the clubhouse The entrance has 70 above the door
I’ve attached the sign-up sheet for food that was passed around last week so that those folks who were not in attendance and plan on coming can see any gaps!
There’s a street photo attached of the archway where you turn in to Grandhaven Blvd and a photo of the Clubhouse entrance. There’s plenty of parking – basically any spot outside the clubhouse or any of the apartment buildings
This venue does not supply any utensils so please bring any serving spoons etc with you!
Any questions or issues reach out! adale66@hotmail.co <mailto:adale66@hotmail.co>m