HCB Rehearsal Notes Tuesday May 28 plus recording Rescue

Hi all, Here are the rehearsal notes for Tuesday, May 28th. For this rehearsal, we will be running the complete order of the Spring Finale program and looking at any sections within those pieces as needed.
1) Chorales-More Assorted 2) Warm-up- Red Covered Bridge (m.79 to m.104) 3) A Walk in the Morning Sun 4) Cakewalk 5) Memento 6) Second Suite in F 7) Remembering A Friend 8a) Chorale-Vorspiel 8b) Fugue in G Minor 9) Oblivion 10) Rescue 11) Red Covered Bridge 12) Suite from Fogarty’s Cove (1st Movement and The “Jeannie C”) 13) Landmark Overture
Also, attached is an mp3 audio file of Rescue by EKR Hammell for your reference.
Thanks and see you Tuesday. Dave