Clarification about music folders

In a previous e-mail, you were sent a list of music that should be in your band folder, if you have one. We were asked to turn in our folders at the end of the Spring Concert, in May.
If you have any music that is not in the list, please keep it. When you hand your folder in at the first band rehearsal, you can check with Debbie for instructions about what to do with any extra music sheets.
I am posting the list again.
Assorted Chorales Bride of Assorted More Assorted Son of Assorted
Anne of Green Gables Ballet Parisien Praeludium Poet and Peasant Overture Prairie Sketches They Hung Their Harps in the Willows Three Ayres From Gloucester Waltz in the Old Style We Want It All
Please contact me if you have questions or concerns.