Forward: Music Impact Survey for Nova Scotia

> From: Hope Gendron <> > Date: May 26, 2019 at 10:45:24 ADT > To: ‘Hope Gendron’ <> > Subject: Music impact survey for Nova Scotia > > Hello Everyone, > > I participated in a round table discussion at the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage on the province’s music ecology and evaluated the economic and social impact of its music to determine its strengths and weaknesses. It was an eye opening discussion with different groups of teachers, professional musicians and others in the music industry. The department has hired Sound Diplomacy to create a survey. I am asking as many interested persons that are interested in the health of music education in Nova Scotia to fill out this survey. > > Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey. Here is the link to it: > > By taking this survey, you will help protect and develop a healthy music ecosystem in Nova Scotia. We want to make sure that we find the challenges and opportunities you face and the common goals you have with your other creators, industry leaders, and fans. > > Please feel free to forward the survey. > > Sound Diplomacy, the global expert in writing music strategies for cities, is working on a Music Assessment for the province of Nova Scotia. Using feedback from locals in the music industry and best practice examples from around the world, this will result in a strategy to engage Nova Scotia’s musicians, industry members, and audiences to support the industry’s future growth. > > Thank you, > Hope Gendron > NSYWE, chairman > NSBA Executive Director > Retired Teacher >