Halifax Concert Band Rehearsal Notes Tuesday May 21

Hi all,
Here’s the order of pieces for our rehearsal on Tuesday (May21). This is the actual order for our Spring Finale Concert on May 28th.
1) Chicken Run-Main Titles 2) McIntyre Ranch Country 3) Bugler’s Holiday 4) Make Our Garden Grow 5) Mambo 6) Sweet, Sweet Baby 7) Solemn Fugue 8) Timepiece 9) Echoes of the Silent 10) Gee, Officer Krupke 11) Music from Wicked
Details for our Kermesse performance on Saturday, May 25th are as follows:
The performance starts at 10 am in the outside courtyard by the Atrium doors on the Robie Street side. There is parking in the IWK parkade (free for Kermesse Day) or on the surrounding streets. Members please arrive by no later than 9:30 am and bring your own folding stand for the performance. Also, bring clothes pins or clips to keep the music from blowing away and sunscreen and hats to protect from the sun. Dress is the HBC Band golf shirts and black pants/skirts. Shorts are fine if the weather allows. There is no alternate venue for inclement weather so if it rains, the event will be cancelled. We will have to play that by ear on Saturday but please check your email early that day to see if a message has been sent regarding cancellation.
Our set lists and timings are as follows:
Set 1 10:00 to 10:45 am 1. Music Man (11) 2. Pink Panther-Moon River-Baby Elephant (25) 3. Disney Blockbusters (4) 4. Hawaii Five-O (31) 5. Light of Foot (33) 6. Tribute to Rogers and Hammerstein (16) 7. Junior Conductor Segment -Spiderman (35) 8. Highlights from Harry Potter 9. Sailor Moon 10. Jersey Boys (23) 11. Magnificent 7 (10) 12. I Gotta Feeling (30)
There will be an intermission until 12:15 and then we will play a variety of tunes over again from the first set (depending on time) as our Set 2.
Set 2 11:15 to 12 noon (Selections from Set 1) plus
13. Wicked (from regular folder) 14. Alicante (from regular folder) 15. Chicken Run (from regular folder) 16. Benny Goodman (Funny Books-no number) 17. Carole King (Funny Books-no number)
Thanks, Dave