Halifax Concert Band Rehearsal Notes Tuesday Oct 30

Hi all,
First of all, a big thanks to all who participated in the Parkland at the Gardens concert on Saturday….a great show!
As we move into our Christmas season (in a few short weeks!), I would like to get a jump on reading through some Christmas tunes this week so I have listed these without knowing which titles will be available and handed out on Tuesday. We’ll see when we get there!
1) Chorales-Son of Assorted-all 2) Warm-up Piece-Make Our Garden Grow 3) A Symphonic Narrative 4) Let the Bells Ring 5) Bugler’s Holiday-Trumpet Feature 6) Xmas Title #1 7) Xmas Title #2 8) Xmas Title #3 9) Xmas Title #4 10) Their Finest Hour (if time)
Thanks, Dave