Happy Holidays from Dave Staples

Hi all,
Thank you all so much for such a great concert on Tuesday night! I really couldn’t have been happier with the outcome and our performance was the best that we have ever played those pieces! A great big shout-out to our brass quintet for their sets and to Mark and Andrea for their fantastic duet playing! What a fine job you all did to share your music in such an excellent and intimate way!
The reviews are in and I know, from comments I have heard, that our audience members were very impressed indeed, as was I! I wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season.
I am unable to attend our supper gathering at Jim’s on the 20th but I’ll raise a glass to you all from Newfoundland.
*Our first rehearsal back will be on Tuesday, Jan. 10th at 6:30 at the West.* Please bring your Christmas music to that rehearsal along with your regular folders.
Thanks and be safe. Dave