HCB Important message from Dave

Hi all,
First of all, I would like to thank all of you very much for your dedication and hard work these past few weeks in preparing for our annual “Irish” concert. I’m sure it would have been yet another excellent performance from the band and our guests. The need to cancel the event became clearly evident this past Wednesday after an almost surreal shift in decision-making everywhere regarding closures, cancellations and suspension of activities. It was a tough call but definitely the right decision and I would like to commend the Band Executive, under John Underhill’s leadership, for making this decision in a timely manner and with adequate consultaion.
Moving forward, I did receive an email on Friday from David Burtt at Halifax West saying that the School Board has cancelled all concerts and sports activities until the end of April so that means that we will not be having our combined concert with the Grade 10 Halifax West Band on Tuesday evening, March 24th. Because of coronavirus precautions, I am not sure what the policy will be for the HCB’s use of rehearsal facilities at Halifax West (under the Bella Rose’s sponsorship) in the immediate future so that will have to be determined before we can confirm when our next rehearsal will be.
Stay tuned and please stay safe and healthy.