HCB Message from Dave

Hi all,
Thanks so much for your excellent performance last night! I must say, I was a little brain-and-body weary last night after the show but in a really good way. It’s a real challenge to keep all of the physical, mental, technical and musical aspects together for such a long concert and that is what I was most amazed with, that we did it and that we did it so well together!
I want to specifically thank our featured trumpet trio; Chris, Fiona and John for a great job with the solo parts in Song of Hope. To play so well in a live setting is a testament to your talents and is very commendable!
Holberg Suite represents a performance milestone for the band since I’ve been conducting and it came off so beautifully. I really feel it’s important to play repertoire that pushes us to use our “classical training” that we have all practiced for so many years. Well done!
Thanks also to all of our soloists last night for your skill and courage and to the entire group for your remarkable spirit of community, music-making and adventure!
Speaking of adventure, I’m off to Newfoundland today for a family visit and was up very early this morning (5:30!!) to prepare for that. I think what woke me up was all the music from last night still going through my head. Thanks for the lovely ear-worms!!
Enjoy the potluck and have a great summer! Take care. Dave