HCB Message from Dave: Great Job!

Hi all, I’m just getting ready to go out the door for a road trip to Cape Breton but wanted to make sure to send this email out to everyone to let you know how happy and proud I am of everyone’s work and performance last night at the Spring Concert. In so many ways, we achieved the things that we were all rehearsing for and the performance standard was as high as we could have asked for. I hope you feel good about that. For those that could not attend last night, we missed you and please know that your contributions were essential to our performance, well before we hit the stage. I love it when the energy of performing live clicks in and that happened last night with lots of fine musicality and a strong connection with our audience. For all of our new members, I am so pleased that you have decided to join our group. This is what your band directors were talking about….coming back to your music and making it part of your life, hopefully for life! I hope you all have a great summer and we’ll see you all in the Fall for our new season. There will be emails about all of that later so stay tuned and stay safe. Take care. Dave