HCB Message from Dave Staples

Hi all Thank you all so much for such an excellent performance last night at Seton Hall.
I really feel that this was our best performance with all of the music that we presented and at times the band was truly locked in to all of the musical elements and technical aspects that we have all worked so hard on.
I would like to give a special nod to all of our soloists last night. Your individual playing took real skill and determination and everything was beautifully played. Thank you.
I was particularly pleased with Andrew Alcorn and his adjudication. His comments at times were very specific to the music and in my opinion very helpful to continue to shape and interpret this music. As he said last night, these were just his suggestions but for me there was something there to help everyone, me included.
I will be sending out an email later in the week with rehearsal notes for next Tuesday’s practice along with an audio recording of one of our new pieces Flying Colours.
Until then, please enjoy the afterglow of such a fine showing last night
Thanks Dave