HCB Message from Dave Staples

Hi all, I just want to say how pleased and proud I am of the band and all of our efforts after last night’s great concert at Saint Agnes Church. This story repeats itself year after year, and all the effort can seem a little daunting to put together a solid Christmas concert with limited time and various unforeseen challenges but I’d say we have that down to a fine art by now and based on comments from family and friends last night and today, our performance last night ranks as one of the best. Mark and Andrea, your duet performance was the icing on the cake!
A number of people I have talk to really did enjoy the variety of MC announcers  last night, and I thought it added a great deal of interest to the background stories of the music. It also gives audience a chance to hear from members of the band in such a pleasant way and we all thank those members who step up to the task and did so well. It was fun scripting the program notes for this year’s show, and there will be an exam!
As I said last night, thank you to each and everyone for your hard work, your music and your dedication to this organization. It makes it all very worthwhile and I hope to see as many of you as possible at the supper next week. Our next rehearsal will be on Tuesday January 9, beginning at 6:30 pm in the band room of Halifax West HS.
Thanks Dave.