HCB Rehearsal notes for Monday Dec 4 and concert Dec 5

Hi all,
Here is the rehearsal order for our dress rehearsal this coming Monday evening Dec 4th (6-8 pm) at the Halifax Regional Arts Centre in Oxford School. Our rehearsal order is the actual order of the Dec 5th concert program and I am including a pdf attachment of the program for your reference. Also included are details for the dress rehearsal, concert day set-up, concert meet times and concert dress, truck equipment loading/unloading and member lists of volunteers for announcing, set-up and moving crews. *
Please note the new set-up time (12 noon) for the St Agnes Church concert day set-up. *If you notice any errors or omissions with any details (volunteer lists, etc.) please contact me asap by email at davestaples54@gmail.com
1) Chorales-More Assorted 2) Fanfare for Christmas 3) Sleigh Ride 4) Cantique de Noel 5) Two Duets (Mark and Andrea) 6) The Most Wonderful Time of the Year 7) Merry Christmas Darling 8) Echoes of the Silent 9) The Eighth Candle 10) Greensleeves 11) White Christmas 12) A Christmas Festival
For our *dress rehearsal on Monday December 4th*, we will be at the *Halifax Regional Arts Centre *which is housed in *Oxford School on Oxford Street*. This *rehearsal will run from 6 to 8 pm* (please note it is an earlier start time than our normal time).
Entrance to the Centre is t*hrough the side door to the school at the end of Willow Street*. Go down the stairs on your left when you enter and then turn right into the Arts Centre hallway. The *rehearsal room is #113* and has chairs, stands and percussion equipment provided. Parking is not allowed in the circle at the end of Willow Street so you will need to find parking on the surrounding streets.
*Details for the Dec 5th concert are as follows* 1) *Set-up at St. Agnes* *Church* (for available volunteers) is*Dec 5th at 12 noon *(changed from 2 pm). 2) *Concert meeting time* for all members at *6:15 pm in the church hall* 3) *Warm-up and tuning at 6:50 in the church*. *Concert begins at 7 pm. Prelude Clarinet Ensemble music at 6:30 * 3) Everyone please *bring a music stand for the concert (except flute, oboe, clarinet and percussion) * 4) *Dress is formal black concert dress* (appropriate Christmas accessories welcomed) 5) *Please encourage family and friends to attend*
*Equipment loading is set for 3 pm on Monday, Dec 4th at Halifax West HS at the loading doors by the back of the cafeteria*. Member volunteers include *Dave Staples, Kim Conway, Debbie McGuire, Bob Kanygin, Michael Klenavic and Emilie Bisonnette.* * * *Returning the gear to Halifax West HS is set for Wednesday morning Dec 6th at 8:00 am *at the same loading doors. Volunteer members include*Dave Staples, Bob Kanygin and Michael Klenavic. * * * *Set-up for the concert at St. Agnes Church is set for 12 noon on Tuesday, Dec. 5th. *This will be done through the church hall doors using the ramp. Volunteer members include *Dave Staples,* *Emilie Bisonnette, Alison Roe Smith, Don Doyle, Michael Klenavic, Kim Conway, Debbie McGuire and Karen MacRae. * * * *Our volunteer announcers are Kim Conway, Sandra Logan, Rhea Fisher, Koen Schlief, Emilie Bisonette, Heidi Firth, John Underhill and Becky Campbell. *I will arbitrarily choose which program selections each one of you will announce and send a copy of those program notes to each of you by email before Monday.*
If you have an issue with any of your selections, please let me know asap by email at davestaples54@gmail.com * * * Thanks everyone! Dave