HCB Rehearsal Notes November 23

On the next rehearsal, these things will happen:
The next rehearsal for the Halifax Concert Band is on Tuesday November 23 at 6:30 pm in the Halifax West bandroom.
After the warm up routine, we will review key issues with:
Christmas Spirit Fanfare C’est Noel On This Day Earth Shall Ring.
Next, we’ll review Perla’s 2 Songs
For the rest of the rehearsal, the tunes will be called in order of importance and technical issues and balance issues will be addressed. I guess that all of this rhetoric means that all of us should strive to have the tough passages “under our fingers” by this next rehearsal.
Don’t feel intimidated about asking me how “something goes”. I’ll help you out.
I think that things are shaping up well and this show should be a major success. The next 2 rehearsals are for refining the material.
Speaking of rehearsals, we are arranging to have a dress rehearsal for those who can attend on December 6^th . In the band room, starting at 6:30. More details to come.
Thanks, everyone. M.C.