HCB Rehearsal Notes Tue Feb 18

Hi all,
Well, I’m back from my vacation (which was very nice) and I must say, it’s great to be back home! I would like to give a great big shout-out to Mark Cuming for leading the band through the last three rehearsals! We all appreciate your work very much, Mark. Thank you!
So, here are the rehearsal notes for Tuesday’s rehearsal (Feb 18th).
Please make sure to bring your Remembrance folders to this rehearsal along with your regular folders so that we can prepare for the Camphill Veteran’s concert coming up on Sunday, Feb.23rd (details below). Also, we will be playing New York, New York (Paul Cook arrangement) at the Camphill concert which is in the Funny Books so please bring that piece to this rehearsal as well.
1) Scales Warm-up 2) Chorales-Assorted (all) 3) Warm-up Piece-Prairie Sketches (all three) 4) Curtain Call 5) Veteran’s Camphill Concert Material Review a) Hymn to the Fallen (Remembrance Folder) b) Benny Goodman (Remembrance Folder) c) New York, New York (Funny Books) 6) Kirkpatrick’s Muse 7) Jump in the Line 8) Childhood Remembered 9) Star Trek
Our program for the Camphill Veteran’s concert on Sunday, February 23rd at 2 pm is:
Armed Forces March Past Benny Goodman Sentimental Journey Sing-Along #1 Hymn to the Fallen The Longest Day Sing-Along #2 You’ll Get Used To It Theme from New York, New York Sing-Along #3 God Save the Queen/O Canada
Details about the Veterans Concert Feb 23rd, 2020
Here are the details for the Camphill Veterans Concert, 5955 Veterans Memorial Lane, Feb 23rd, 2020 at 2 pm in the main foyer of the building.
1) Set-up for the concert (chairs and stands, PA system, etc) is set for 1 pm. Please make sure to bring your own music stand.
2) All members please plan to arrive for 1:15 pm
3) Free parking is available in the underground parkade and the entrance to that garage is the ramp to the left of the front doors of the building. Keep the entrance ticket in your vehicle and then you will be issued another second ticket from Dave at the concert. Both tickets will be required to be fed into the machine at the exit door of the parkade.
4) Our coats and cases room is up on the 2nd floor in the recreation therapy room just as you come off the elevator to that floor.
5) Dress for the concert is the band shirts and black pants, etc
Thanks, Dave