HCB Rehearsal Notes Tue Feb 25

Hi All,
Thanks very much to everyone in advance of our performance today at Camphill Veteran’s for the residents, family, staff and friends. I know our efforts and our music are very much appreciated by all.
Reminder: Dress for the concert today is Band shirts and black pants/skirts. Please bring your music stand.
With our next concert just around the corner (The St. Patrick’s Church Celtic Concert on March 15th), Tuesday’s rehearsal will be primarily dedicated to our Irish folder (which will be handed out on Tuesday) and some new related material to run through.
1) Chorales- Bride of Assorted (all) 2) Warm-up-Prairie Sketches (all) 3) Kirkpatrick’s Muse 4) Lord of the Dance (Bernearts arrangement)-sightreading 5) Irish Tune from County Derry-Grainger 6) Mountain Thyme-Hazo 7) A Longford Legend-Sheldon 8) An Irish Rhapsody-Grundman
Thanks, Dave