HCB Rehearsal Notes Tue Mar 10 plus Concert Mar 15

Hi all,
Here are the rehearsal notes for Tuesday, March 10th followed by the program for our March 15th Celtic concert at St Patrick’s Church. With that, I am including the details for meet time, equipment needs, set-up and dress code for the concert.
Rehearsal March 10 1) Chorales-Bride of Assorted (all) 2) Warm-up Piece-Curtain Call 3) Brian Boru’s Parade 4) A Foggy Dew 5) Irish Sing Along tunes (talk-thru/run-thru/requests) 6) Far and Away 7) Kirkpatrick’s Muse 8) Lord of the Dance 9) Longford Legend-#2 and 3 10) Lincoln 11) Star Trek
St Patrick’s Church Celtic Concert Program March 15
1) St Patrick’s Parade 2) Brian Boru’s Parade 3) Sing-Along #1 a) Irish Rose b) Irish Eyes 4) Far and Away 5) Irish Tune from County Derry 6) Sing-Along #2 a) MacNamara’s Band b) Black Velvet 7) Foggy Dew 8) Lord of the Dance 9) Ron MacKay Music for Life Horn Club (program to be announced) 10) Sing-Along #3 a) Peggy O’Neil b) Peg O’ My Heart 11) Longford Legend #1) Young Molly Bawn #2) Killyburn Brae 12) Kirkpatrick’s Muse 13) Irish Rhapsody
Please be at St. Patrick’s Church (2267 Brunswick St, Halifax) by 1:15 pm on Sunday March 15. If you can come earlier to help with set-up, that would be great.
Bring your music stand (and a light if you need it). Dress is formal black with Irish accessories optional. The concert starts at 2 pm.
Thanks, Dave