HCB Rehearsal Notes Tuesday April 4

Hi all,
Thank you all very much for an excellent showing at our shared concert with the Halifax West bands last Tuesday night. We seem to continue to peak with our live performances!! Well done!
Here are the notes for our upcoming Tuesday rehearsal at 6:30 at the West.
1) Chorales-More Assorted 2) Warm-up Piece-Three Ayres from Gloucester 3) Air and Rigaudon 4) Song of Hope 5) Street Tango 6) A Scottish Rhapsody 7) The Girl with Red Hair 8) At The Circus (if time)
Also, just so everyone is aware, we have been given a better performance time for our Kiwanis Music Festival concert on Tuesday evening, *May 2nd*. We will now be on at *7:30 pm* that night at *Seton Auditorium*. I will provide more details concerning that event as we get closer to the date.
Thanks Dave