HCB Rehearsal notes Tuesday Feb 20

Hi all, Here are the rehearsal notes for Tuesday, Feb. 20th.
1) Chorales-More Assorted 2) Warm-up Piece-Gott Humoriert 3) Fantasy on American Sailing Songs 4) Suite from Fogarty’s Cove (Mvts. 1 and 2) 5) Celtic Farewell (New) 6) Any Irish Concert tunes or other new material that may be handed out 7) Cakewalk 8) Welsh Rhapsody
Also, a reminder to bring in your Funny Books to rehearsal to be handed in. If you removed any music from the Funny Books for the concert at Camp Hill, please put it back in the correct order (that means Red Covered Bridge should also be put back in the Funny Book).
Thanks and see you on Tuesday. Dave