HCB Rehearsal notes Tuesday Feb 28

Hi all,
Our rehearsal on Tuesday February 28 begins at 6:30 pm in the music room of Halifax West HS. This is the last rehearsal before our concert on March 5th at St Patrick’s Church (2263 Brunswick St, Halifax).
For Tuesday’s rehearsal, we will again run all of the sing-along tunes with Dick Sayer and then run through our concert pieces (in order) for the March 5th Irish show.
Here are the program selections (and order) for the March 5th Irish show.
1) St.Patrick’s Parade
2) Brian Boru’s Parade
3) Sing-Along #1 (Wild Irish Rose/Irish Eyes are Smiling)
4) Far and Away
5) Irish Tune from County Derry
6) Sing-Along #2 (MacManara’s Band/Black Velevet Band)
7) A Foggy Dew
8) Lord of the Dance
9) Sing-Along #3 (Peggy O’Neil/Peg O’ My Heart)
10) Longford Legend (1-Young Molly Brown 2-Killyburn Brae)
11) Kirkpatrick’s Muse
12) An Irish Rhapsody
I will also give details regarding concert address, set-up, equipment moving, assembly times and dress at the rehearsal. Thanks Dave