HCB Rehearsal Notes Tuesday Feb 6

Hi all,
Here are the rehearsal notes for this Tuesday’s rehearsal (Feb. 6) along with details for the Camp Hill Veterans Concert on Sunday, Feb.11th at 2 pm.
1) Chorales-Bride of Assorted 2) Tuning 3) Camp Hill Sing-Along Tunes with vocalist Dick Sayer (Pack Up Your Troubles, All The Nice Girls Love A Sailor, Wavy Navy, Roll Out The Barrel, Tavern in the Town, White Cliffs of Dover, We’ll Meet Again) 4) Sentimental Journey with Dick Sayer-vocals 5) Armed Forces March Past 6) Benny Goodman Medley 7) Disney Blockbusters 8) Cape St. Mary’s 9) New York, New York 10) Pink Panther, etc. 11) Rodgers and Hammerstein
Details for the Camp Hill Veterans Concert Feb. 11th at 2 pm
The HCB concert at Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building is on Sunday, Feb. 11th at 2 pm in the main foyer on the ground floor. The address is 5955 Veterans Memorial Lane in Halifax and access to the building is through the front doors facing the street.
Members are asked to arrive no later than 1:15 pm and please bring your own music stand (and stand lights if desired).
Set-up crew and percussion equipment people, please arrive at 1 pm.
Dress for the concert is the band shirts or plain black top with black pants/skirt and black shoes and black socks.
There is free parking provided for us in their underground parking facility and access to that parking garage is outside to the left of the main doors down the ramp. Once inside and parked, use the elevator to come up to the main floor foyer.
There is a band room designated for us on the main floor and you will be directed to that room when you are in the foyer. We can leave cases and coats in that room but I recommend that you bring all valuables with you to the band set-up area.
They ask that we please wear masks when we are moving about the building and there should be disposable masks available in the foyer.
Thanks and see you at rehearsal on Tuesday. Dave