HCB Rehearsal Notes Tuesday Nov 14

Hi all, Thank you all very much for a great performance this past Tuesday at our shared concert with the Chebucto Big Band. It’s always good to get that first performance “under our belt” and it can be a bit challenging to present our music with a gap of time between rehearsal and performance. The band sounded very good and I thought it was a balanced and musical performance and selection of pieces for the audience. Also, thank you to our new members for adding to the band with your commitment and talents. It’s always nice to have “new blood” and a growing membership. Finally, thanks on behalf of the whole band to those members of the Chebucto Big Band who are within our HCB ranks for your great performance with that fine ensemble. It was a pleasure to hear you perform.
Here are the rehearsal notes for our upcoming Tuesday rehearsal on November 14th.
1) Chorales-Bride of Assorted 2) Warm-up Piece-Echoes of the Silent 3) Fanfare for Christmas 4) The Eighth Candle (Prayer) 5) The Most Wonderful Time of the Year 6) Merry Christmas Darling 7) Greensleeves 8) Cantique de Noel 9) Christmas Festival 10) White Christmas 11) Sleigh Ride (if time)
Thanks and see you on Tuesday Dave