HCB Rehearsal Notes Tuesday Oct 21

Hi all, Here are the rehearsal notes for Tuesday, Oct. 31st.
1) Chorales-Assorted (all) 2) Warm-up Piece-Chorale Gott Humoriert 3) Nightmare Before Christmas 4) Drunken Sailor 5) Abracadabra 6) Welsh Rhapsody 7) White Christmas 8) Greensleeves 9) Sleigh Ride (if time)
Our shared concert with the Chebucto Big Band on Tuesday, November 7th (next week) is at 7 pm on the stage of the Bella Rose. I am asking the stage setup volunteers to come in for 6 pm to set the stage. The rest of the band are asked to arrive at the band room no later than 6:15. Doors open at 6:30. We will assemble on the stage at 6:45. The band will use the Halifax West band room to assemble and to warm-up and the Chebucto Big Band will be in the Green Room (next door) for their assembly/warm-up. Dress for the concert is the HCB shirt (with our crest) or a plain black shirt and black pants/skirt. HCB performs first (at 7) with the following order of selections.
Welsh Rhapsody The Nightmare Before Christmas Abracadabra Drunken Sailor
After our set, we will have to strike the stage to a certain degree to create a good space for the Chebucto Big Band’s set-up and I will provide instructions for that at the time. They will finish the concert with their set and their selections will be listed in the program.
Again, please try to encourage family and friends to attend. Admission is by freewill offering at the door.
Thanks and Happy Halloween! Dave