HCB Reminder of Shared Concert on Tuesday March 26

Hi All
Combined HCB and Halifax West Band Concert Tuesday, March 26th 2024 7 pm (Admission-collection at the door) Bella Rose Arts Centre (inside Halifax West High School)
The West High School Concert Bands (Grade 10 and Senior) will begin the program and the HCB  will be on after they perform.
Our program list and order is: 1) Fantasy on American Sailing Songs 2) The Red Covered Bridge 3) Celtic Farewell 4) Holst 2nd Suite in F (2 movements-Song of the Blacksmith and Fantasia ‘Dargason’)
(Also please have Assorted Chorales on stage with you as a quick warm-up before we perform)
David Burtt has asked us to use the band room (not the Green Room) for our assembly/warm-up and I ask all members to arrive by no later than 6:30 pm for that. At 7 pm we will take our places in the theatre seating as audience members. Dress for the concert will be all- black with the HCB band shirts (or black top). Bring a stand-light if you need it.