Message from Sherri Green

I was wondering if you would be able to forward this message to the band members. It’s an update and a request regarding Michelle Gailey.
Last year, after recovering from a double hip replacement, Michelle found out she had cancer. She had chemo last summer, then radiation but has since sadly found out her cancer can’t be cured.
Her sister Lorraine put the following message in an e-mail and said I could share it with the band. She says:
Shell’s birthday is coming up on Monday, May 24th (that’s the long weekend marking Victoria Day). She will be 64. Most of you know, my dear sister is a champion, when it comes to getting cards out on time for just about everyone she knows. In fact, for the 37 some years she was with her community band, playing her clarinet, she was the person responsible getting all the cards for the bandmates, for all sorts of occasions. (Needless to say, she excelled at it.) Well, she LOVES receiving mail, as much as sending it.
If you can, I would be so grateful if you could mail her a card. If you want suggestions for what might tickle her fancy for a card type, she loves cats, music, Hollywood stars, politics, dining out, playing cards, and, of course, a good joke.
Her address is:
Miss Michelle Gailey (she prefers Miss) Apt. 210 405 Larry Uteck Drive Halifax, NS B3M 0G8