Update for Halifax Concert Band Sep 2

Hi all,
The Band Executive had a Zoom meeting on Tuesday Sep 1. There is so much uncertainty concerning the getting together for a band rehearsal. We talked about decisions being made about schools, research about playing wind instruments in a group, software available for virtual large group meetings, possible other spaces for rehearsal, and other topics. Our decision was for various people to do more research and to have another Zoom meeting on September 15.
In a few days, we will be sending out an on-line survey to determine interest in somehow having band rehearsals before Christmas. Please respond when this is sent to you. We need to hear from you.
We are considering the option of different rehearsal space. The major factors for indoor spaces and groups of people include the capacity for social distancing, the air exchange rate, and the ability to clean things after a gathering. If you are aware of suitable spaces, please contact me.
We will let you know about plans after September 15.