HCB Notes for Monday Apr 29 and Tuesday Apr 30

Hi all,
For our dress rehearsal on Monday, April 29th: 1) This will be in the band room at the West and will run from 6:00 to 7 pm. Please be ready for a 6:00 pm downbeat. 2) We will only be rehearsing Cakewalk and Chorale and Fugue in G Minor along with a few chorales for warm-up so please bring Assorted and Bride of Assorted for that.
For the Kiwanis performance on Tuesday night, April 30th, 2024: 1) We perform on the Seton stage at the Seton Academic Centre, Mount Saint Vincent University at 7:00 pm. The address is 166 Bedford Highway (see campus map for Seton Academic Centre) www.msvu.ca/en/home/aboutus/safety-security/campusmap.aspx
2) Meet time is 6:15 pm in the assembly and warm-up area (Rm 509) on the 5th floor of the Centre and the elevator and stairwell are to the left as you enter the lobby. When it is time to take the stage,we will enter the performance venue together through Door C.
3) It is my understanding that music stands will be supplied for our performance. As a precaution, please have your own music stand with you just in case.
4) Dress is formal concert black
5) The public is welcome to attend the performance and there is an admission charge of $5 at the door
6) Percussion-the Kiwanis Festival is providing a bass drum with stand, orchestral bells with stand and 3 timpani (29″, 26″ and 24″). Everything else will need to be brought to the performance.
Thanks, Dave