Hi all,
I just received a message from Jane MacConnell that there has been a bomb threat at Halifax West high school and they have closed the school for today (Monday) and cancelled all events for the evening as well.
We have no choice but to *_cancel_* our dress rehearsal this evening at the West so I’m just going to make the decision that we perform tomorrow night at Kiwanis with a cold start.
We’ll spend a little more time on our warm-up chorales on the Seton stage and everything will be fine. I know that we’re ready for our performance.
Thanks and I will see you at Seton tomorrow evening at 6:15. Please note- our warmup rooms at the Seton Academic Centre for tomorrow night are now rooms 401 and 405.
Also, for Michael Klenavic, please call me asap on my cell at 902 266-3365 and we’ll figure out what percussion equipment needs to be collected from the West for our performance tomorrow. I’ll hopefully be able to pick that up when the school is open again on Tuesday.
Thanks Dave