Thank you from Mark

Hello, everyone in the band. I want to thank you all for making my composition project a great success. It is very humbling to have such a large group of people do you a great service like this. It’s not just the actual performance, although that’s huge- it’s the time that individual players took to work on their individual parts for the greater whole You are dedicated players and there is no doubt that I owe you all a debt of gratitude. Thank-you all so much, really. I enjoyed this night immensely and you people made it happen. By the way, Cakewalk worked great too. Good steady tempo and individual section work was solid. I know that Dave will have some things to add. No more composing work for now. My car is working too well. However, I have at least one piece for Perla to belt out under construction now (Rescue Me- an R &B hit from 1965) and a Mary Tyler Moore medley going at the same time. Some good old pop stuff that should be fun next season. Cheers everyone and congratulations on a fine performance. Mark