HCB Rehearsal Notes May 24

Hi all,
Our next rehearsal will be on Tuesday May 24, beginning at 6:30 pm, in the Band room of Halifax West HS.
Our concert is scheduled for Tuesday June 7, beginning at 7 pm in the Bella Rose Auditorium of Halifax West HS. We will have an extra rehearsal on Monday June 6, for those who can attend.
Here is the running order for next Tuesday’s rehearsal. As much as possible, we will run the order without specific rehearsal points.
Also, after the order list, I am including a detailed listing (by measure numbers) of all dynamic, rehearsal and articulation markings as well as tempo indications for Prayer for Ukraine. All of these annotations are global, meaning that they will apply to all parts. I would ask that you take the time to mark your own parts prior to rehearsal so that we won’t need to take time during rehearsal. By the way, I am not rehearsing that piece this week.
1) Chorales-More Assorted 1, 5, 2 and 4 2) Warm-up Piece-Three Ayres from Gloucester #1-Jolly Earl of Cholmondeley 3) Tuning-Bb (by SATB sections) 4) We Want It All 5) Lincoln 6) Curtain Call 7) Childhood Remembered 8) Jump in the Line 9) Sea Songs 10) Waltz in the Old Style 11) Star Trek
*_Prayer for Ukraine _* Global markings (dynamics, tempo, articulations and rehearsal numbers) (*extra percussion markings-see below)
M1  mf M3 crescendo symbol (mf to f) M4 decrescendo symbol (f to mf) M5 mf M8 crescendo symbol (mf to f) accelerando M9 mf (subito), piu mosso, add rehearsal number “9” (9 enclosed in a square box) M11 mp M17 mf, a tempo, add rehearsal number “17” M19 crescendo symbol (mf to f) M20 decrescendo symbol (f to mf) M23 decrescendo symbol (mf to mp) M24 mp and crescendo symbol M25 f, add rehearsal number “25” M26 mp M27 mf and crescendo symbol M28 f M29 pesante, accents over both half notes, add rehearsal number “29” M30 accent over 1st eighth note or 1st quarter note M32 crescendo symbol M33 ff, add “slight rit” M34 fermata symbol
*cymbal part is fine as marked except all crescendos should increase volume to the next level (ie.-p to mp). Also, timpani part at M15 and 16 is mp, M 28 is mf crescendo to f (M29), M32 is f crescendo to ff (M33).
Thanks and see you Tuesday. Dave