Prayer for Ukraine notations

This list was sent with the last rehearsal notes. In case you did not notice it before, here it is again.
*_Prayer for Ukraine _* Global markings (dynamics, tempo, articulations and rehearsal numbers) (*extra percussion markings-see below)
M1  mf M3 crescendo symbol (mf to f) M4 decrescendo symbol (f to mf) M5 mf M8 crescendo symbol (mf to f) accelerando M9 mf (subito), piu mosso, add rehearsal number “9” (9 enclosed in a square box) M11 mp M17 mf, a tempo, add rehearsal number “17” M19 crescendo symbol (mf to f) M20 decrescendo symbol (f to mf) M23 decrescendo symbol (mf to mp) M24 mp and crescendo symbol M25 f, add rehearsal number “25” M26 mp M27 mf and crescendo symbol M28 f M29 pesante, accents over both half notes, add rehearsal number “29” M30 accent over 1st eighth note or 1st quarter note M32 crescendo symbol M33 ff, add “slight rit” M34 fermata symbol
*cymbal part is fine as marked except all crescendos should increase volume to the next level (ie.-p to mp). Also, timpani part at M15 and 16 is mp, M 28 is mf crescendo to f (M29), M32 is f crescendo to ff (M33).