HCB Rehearsal Notes Tuesday Jan 16

Hello everyone,
The next rehearsal of the Halifax Concert Band will be Tuesday, January 16, in the band room at Halifax West. Associate Conductor Mark Cuming officiating.
The line up for this rehearsal will be flexible, but will likely proceed as follows:
Warm- up will be More Assorted Chorales with associated scales.
*Fantasy on American Sailing Songs* *Holst: Suite in F for Military Band. *(This will occupy a fair amount of time, for the sake of refinements, especially the 2nd. movement). *Cakewalk *(New, although we have played this years ago when I was still conducting). Chorale-Vorspiel*(Gott Humoriert Die Unfähigen)* *Fugue in G Minor*
Selections from the Funny Books OR *Crown Imperial. *If I were you, I’d pray for the Funny Books. Nevertheless, here is a link to the U.S. Marine Band playing this work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hl7703rhSk *Welsh Rhapsody* to close out the night
Thanks, everyone, Mark