HCB Rehearsal Notes Tuesday Jan 9

Hi all,
Happy New Year 2024!
Here are the rehearsal notes for this Tuesday’s rehearsal, January 9th. Along with your regular folders, please bring all of your Christmas concert music to this rehearsal so that we can hand that back in to Debbie for filing. As well, please bring Nightmare Before Christmas and Abracadabra for returning. Debbie will have a table in the green room to collect the Christmas music minus the *Eighth Candle.*
1) Chorales Bride of Assorted 2) Warm-up piece-A Welsh Rhapsody 3) Holst 2nd Suite (all 4 movements) 4) Suite from Fogarty’s Cove (all 3 movements) 5) The Drunken Sailor 6) Sightreading-Dance from The Eighth Candle (measure 73 to end) 7) Fantasy on American Sailing Songs
Thanks and see you on Tuesday. Dave