HCB Rehearsal notes Tuesday May 23

Hi all, Here are the rehearsal notes for Tuesday, May 23rd, starting at 6:30 pm in the band room of HWHS.
1) Chorales-Bride of Assorted 2) Warmup Piece- Sarabande 3) Praeludium 4) Song of Hope 5) Kirkpatrick’s Muse (Allegro section only) 6) Hymn to the Fallen (if available) 7) Air and Gavotte (from Holberg Suite) 8) Anne of Green Gables 9) The Nightmare Before Christmas 10) Street Tango
Also, we will be having a dress rehearsal on Monday, June 5th from 6 to 7:20 pm in the West Band room so please mark that in your calendars.
Thanks Dave