HCB Rehearsal notes Tuesday May 30

Hi all,
Our next rehearsal is Tuesday May 30, beginning at 6:30 pm in the Halifax West Band Room.
Here is the concert order for our Spring Finale concert on June 6th at 7 pm in the Bella Rose. We will run through all of these pieces in order on Tuesday night and touch up any areas that need work.
 Chorales-Bride of Assorted  Warmup Piece-Three Ayres #2 (Eventide)
1) Flying Colors 2) Three Paintings from Lautrec-i) At the Circus ii) Girl with Red Hair 3) Song of Hope 4) Holberg Suite-i)Praeludium ii)Sarabande iii)Gavotte iv)Air v)Rigaudon 5)Hymn to the Fallen 6) Anne of Green Gables 7) The Nightmare Before Christmas 8) Kirkpatrick’s Muse 9) Street Tango
Please remember that there will be a *special rehearsal on Monday May 5*, from 6 pm to 7:20 pm in the Halifax West Band Room.
Thanks Dave